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I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart. Vincent van Gogh

storage box made out of a toy carton

Good day dear reader,

No matter what I do, my kids room always seems unorganised. My hubby says that I have a craze for boxes , well whatever it is I won’t give up! So instead of buying another expensive n flashy box for kids toys, I opted to make a cheap, sturdy n spacious one. So this one I decided will go for a dozen of soft toys that they play with.

For doing projects like these one should have sufficient tools n gluing/taping accessories at hand. It’s always useful.

Click here to see what stuff one should keep for home Projects.

So lets start with things needed :

  • An empty carton ( if it’s not sturdy glue any other carton panels to its sides n bottom)
  • A cutter (  cut it out according to your requirement )
  • Glue gun / white glue ( I prefer glue gun as its much easier)
  • A rope
  • Scissor
  • any available piece of cloth
  • sewing machine

1. Cut out carton according to your requirements. My carton isnt that deep but quite wide.

2. Attach leftover carton pieces on the sides to make it sturdy.

3. Now start gluing the rope with glue gun. I started from the top side.

4. Keep on gluing till you reach the bottom. I had to take break as I was out of glue… Oops! Then I switched to white glue , what a discomfort, but I still managed to complete it . Whew! Don’t give up , its worth ur efforts.

5. Now making inside cloth. I cut it out after measuring my box. Didn’t take any pictures of it so I’m doing it again with complete instructions over here.

6. Viola! It’s done.

making storage box


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I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart. Vincent van Gogh

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